Helix know how to negotiate the right contract for you.

We can assist with new contract negotiation; contract renewals and we can assist you to adapt your current contract to ensure the needs of yourself and club or associations are met.

Our Player Managers have over 30 years’ experience negotiating contracts across a multitude of industries including real estate, mining, acquisitions and of course player management. Getting the best deal for you is our passion and specialty.

With a no fluff approach to contract negotiation and building the right relationship. We get the facts, use our extensive networks, create the connection and go in to bat for you, and only you.


At Helix our players are our number one priority.

We help build each player’s personal brand to ensure all our players have success both personally and professionally. Our passion lies in creating personal happiness, financial stability and continued success, both during and after their playing career.

Helix has a holistic approach to player management and as such we offer the following service:

We represent our client’s best interests

Every player who signs on as a client of Helix is asked specific questions to determine their wants, needs and expectations. Our role is to ensure these expectations are met and managed with integrity throughout the

We negotiate all contracts to ensure you are paid what you’re worth

At Helix we pride ourselves on our contract negotiation skills. Negotiating and agreeing on a dollar value for yourself is a difficult thing to do, and emotions can often get in the way of the best result. Our specialty is to manage this on your behalf to ensue all contract negotiations and agreements, including your playing contract, ambassador roles and sponsorships are right for you.

Set you up for a strong financial future

Helix have a network of contacts Australia wide. Our team are equipped with the experience to get you where you want to be. Financially we assist with budget planning, money management, investment strategy and even assist with getting you the knowledge required to know how the money world works so your financial security extends way beyond your sporting career.

Increase your network

Helix player managers can assist you to grow your network. We have access to a broad range of business partners, experts in adjoining fields, players and clubs, mentors, businesses, industry leaders and more. Helix values their connections, people and networks to ensure new relationships are formed and existing ones nurtured and fostered.

Develop your online footprint

Helix understands the ever-increasing importance of your online profile. We assist with Social Media, personal or business website development and more. We work tirelessly so you are visible in the most positive way on the web.

Crisis Management

At Helix we run regular information nights to ensure our players understand their responsibility as an elite athlete and the responsibility that comes with a public profile. We educate our players about social media, networking, being aware of their online footprint, and dealing with the media. Our aim is for our players to be safe and represented in the best possible way to both the media and general public.

We understand things can happen, life events, club changes, change in personal circumstances, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For these times we have a crisis management team on hand to assist.

Form partnerships and ambassadorships

Sponsorships and ambassadorships can help to build the profile of a player and of course give a financial reward be it in cash or in kind. Partnerships and sponsorships are all about benefiting the profile of both parties. Helix ensures that the player and client are a good fit regarding morals and values, we also need our players to be invested in the client’s success.

Build your personal brand

Helix works closely with our players to develop and understand the importance of their personal brand as an elite athlete and the responsibilities that come with such a title. A personal brand is crucial for both personal and professional success. We work to build and strengthen the public identity of our players not only as part of their sporting life but also as an individual.

Plan for your life after sport

The good news is there is life after sport. Some athletes are lucky enough to lengthy and successful sporting careers, others may find theirs cut short due to injury or other circumstances. At Helix we help you with your plan B without losing focus on your current playing career.

We understand the drive, determination and overwhelming focus that is required to be an elite athlete and to make it to the top. It is because of this we intertwine your sporting and future goals by putting the emphasis on the importance of budgeting, investing, education and having passions outside of sport.


Just because your playing career has ended doesn’t mean you need to lose your identity or worth.

Throughout a Helix Players’ career and development, we ensure that we set up a plan for life after sport, so you can keep your focus on your professional success, while we take care of the rest.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go to plan, and sporting careers can end abruptly through no fault of your own. Helix Player managers develop plans and programs to get you through any unforeseen circumstances and will assist you with your future goals.

Helix can assist those who may not have been associated with a Helix player manager during their sporting career. It’s never too late to contact Helix.

Our player managers can assist in retirement through forging a new career direction outside of sport, finding your identity outside of the sporting arena, transitioning into training and nutrition away from the elite levels, finding financial stability, developing a business, finding new passions etc.

If you have retired and are keen to learn more about life after sport, click here